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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Winding Down

The berry season is starting to wind down around here sort of. Our blueberry bush is loaded and the Himalayan blackberries are just now starting to ripen up. However, I got skunked on Sunday looking for huckleberries or blackberries up in the mountains.

We were at a pretty heavily used area for a mountain bike race and there had been a Backcountry Horsemen prize ride the weekend before that. No berries to be found in the camp area. Plus, my son wanted to ride in the kids’ race so we couldn’t stray far from the start/finish line. He got second in his division. :)

Last night I made a batch of blueberry syrup (with berry bits) from the berries that Paddock Boy and the little man picked. There are still more berries, but most will probably be frozen to use in muffins and pancakes through the winter.

I think my canning may be close to wrapping up. Only blackberries and huckleberries would spur me back into action. And I soooo want some blackberries!

We’re heading to The Cabin this weekend and maybe I can find blackberries over there, but usually they are well done and gone by now. I’ll be looking pretty hard, though!

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Flying Lily said...

Cute lad and I hope he did well in his event!