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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Next Projects on the List

There are always projects awaiting around here. Some are more pressing than others, but they all need to be done.

We have our old camper, nicknamed “The Casa Siesta” that we have decided to part out and junk. It is 31 years old and has seen better days. Paddock Boy and I honeymooned in it. It was our $400 wonder. We got lots of good use out of it, but its most recent occupation was growing mushrooms. Not good. Now we are taking it apart piece by piece attempting to recycle as many parts as we possibly can. So far so good.

My other major project that needs to be done is to put a new floor in the horse trailer, and get the removable dividers back to being removable! We have had it for a few years and it has its original floorboards.

On our recent trip around Montana I just never was comfortable with some of the squeaking I heard in the floorboards. We only had Buena in there, but still, I had minor panic attacks flashing through my head. I pull up the mats at least yearly to check the boards and I knew there was a little rot going on already. When I started taking out mats and checking the boards yesterday not much was a surprise. I don’t like seeing any rot, but the wood in the floor isn’t pressure-treated so some is expected since the trailer is 14 years old.

During my dismantling I broke a star bit on the power drill. Off to replace that today. And I also stripped the manual version of the star bit on the screwdriver. Rusted screw heads and too much strength/torque I guess. :)

Pictures and progress reports to come.

Oh, and one set of used HiJacker camper jacks are for sale. Make me an offer.

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