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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trailer Floor Is In

We got the floor boards all in and screwed down today. Not an easy task as the pressure treated boards are just a tad bit wider than the boards we removed. Paddock Boy used the sawzall to trim the first one on the left side. He switched to the planer for the one on the right side. It worked better, but made a bigger mess with the chips from the pressure treated boards dumping everywhere. Not something we want the Little Cowboy to be playing with. I really wish there were some more environmentally sensitive ways of doing projects like this.

Also got mats cut and set in the tack room. They were recycled from the mats I removed from the walls.

The Herculiner has been applied to about half of the necessary area. Paddock Boy used the full gallon and we purchased another gallon this evening. May even need more for an additional coat to go over the first. This is nasty stuff. Sticky, smelly, nasty and not something you want the dog or kid messing around near. Yet another thing that isn’t exactly “green,” but in the name of physical safety, it is something that needs to be done. Paddock Boy said we're not doing this again (implying the next trailer will be a new one < vbeg >).

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Misty Dawn said...

All your work will pay off and it will be fantastic when it's done!

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks like a great floor. I enjoy seeing the work in progress, because i have never envisioned the work involved in the flooring of a trailer. One more thing i have taken for granted. Thanks for the interesting blog.

Flying Lily said...

Cool photos! Great job and I share your green concerns but sometimes there's no alternative to those toxic products...

The W.O.W. factor said...

Wow, quite an undertaking you've taken on! Bet you'll be glad to have it done!

Anonymous said...

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