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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not Just Horses

We have a variety of critters here. This is Chester and he’s the one most frequently hopping in my lap when I am sitting here.

And in the spirit of LOLCats:

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i beati said...

Chester is my kind of cat !! sandy

Mrs Mom said...

Hey Latigo Liz! Thanks for chiming in over at HorseFeathers. I admire Fugs eye for conformation. And I reckon I ought not lump all her self titled Mafioso in one clump... ;)

Appreciate the offer on transport for her too. Cross your hooves- might be able to work something out! And if you ever do head to this coast (Savannah) and need something just holler- we'll be there ;)

Love your little furry helper there too-- he is tooooo cute.

Mrs Mom said...

Hi LL- yep the wine opener is available! Shoot me an email:

Looking forward to chatting with you!