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Friday, August 8, 2008

Mmmint Jelly

Peppermint to be exact.

Followed by spearmint late this afternoon.

Maybe I’ll try chocolate mint or pineapple mint.

Yes I do have all of those varieties. Some were pictured in my herb garden photo.

Paddock Boy may not partake of the mint jellies since he has some flashback/bad memories of mint jelly with some sort of liver as a kid. I don’t blame him for curling his nose. Just means more jelly to share. He calls me the “Jelly-Making Fool” this year.

A few folks had guessed serviceberry earlier in the Mystery Berry Game. I doubt that will happen this year as we have very few berries left on the two bushes out back. Maybe next year. I sampled one of them and they are similar to a blueberry, but the texture isn’t and nice and the seeds are a little bit larger inside the fruit. There are still tons of twinberries to be had on the four or five other bushes out there.

However, my plan is to score some blackberries or huckleberries on Sunday up in the mountains!

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The W.O.W. factor said...

Wow! You have a lot of info on your Blog! I love it! Too bad I didn't find you a few weeks ago, we had been looking to give our 2 goats away! (which we did 6 days ago & we are on the other side of the mtns from you)
Your jelly looks yummy! Blackberry is best tho!

Latigo Liz said...

Thanks. It’s a work in progress and I am rather enjoying the new found creativity, finally! I’ll add a link to your blog in one of my blogrolls.

Anonymous said...

This looks wonderful. My mom used to make the most wonderful jams and jellies. I never took up the "sport" of canning and preserve making. And dont tell me it is easy - i can burn anything.

Anonymous said...

hmmm . ... great minds again think alike :) Perhaps you've given me uh... food for thought for our greenhouse (?) :)

cowgirl up
happy trails
gp in motnana

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hi Liz, I stopped in on your house project, and looks like it's been a long work in progress! Rewarding too, huh! We've always...until now done, that too. Are close to the finish line?

Latigo Liz said...

Sport of canning...hahahahaha. It’s not that hard, but I think everyone has their oops batch early on. Last year I boiled over a big batch of currant jelly. That was one sticky mess to clean up!

We need a “real” greenhouse; a matter of finances and time. Just like everything.

Our house project is a big one, but a fun/rewarding one. I need to update that blog in a big way. I have lots of pictures and information on the bathroom that hasn’t been posted yet. Hmmm...maybe I should get right on that, eh? The progress is pretty amazing, really.

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

Still cruising your blog. That jelly looks heavenly and I don't even like mint!

On that list of books on the side you say we should read. Yee ha, I spotted the Mark Rashid books, "Considering the Horse," etc. I adore him!