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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Trailer Deconstruction

I didn’t focus on the floorboards today. Today was the day to finish removing those wall mats. My trip to the hardware stores (yes plural) eventually provided me with that illusive T25 star bit for the power drill.

In no time I carefully removed the screws holding up the mats and used a vise grip to pull the mats of the walls and out of the trailer.

Then I removed the vinyl and padding from the center dividers. All of the above exposed areas of rust and “cancer” that was starting to get out of hand. I even punched through the skin on a few places; most of them aren’t of major concern, but one or two are.

The eventual goal is to get the rust treated with a solution which prevents it from getting worse and then primering and hopefully having Rhino Lining Tuff Grip™ applied to the interior of the walls. The result would be strength and dent prevention and also a reduction in weight of the trailer due to not reinstalling the mats that were the original installation.

Here are the pictures of the floor boards after I did my poking and chiseling of the dry rot yesterday as well as the mat and padding removal today.

Wednesday is empty the tack room day. Not sure if I will get to the point of pulling out the carpet and the tack box, but I hope that I get that far. It has to be done before we pull out the boards since I am pretty sure they run the full length of the trailer.

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Anonymous said...

What a job! But it is totally worth it with the price of today's trailers. It is so cool that you do your own work. I am impressed.

Flying Lily said...

Wow! You go hardware Girl! The type of project you are on is so satisfying; safer horses, structural integrity - not that I have the first-hand experience but have seen others rehab a good but careworn trailer and I think they are terrific.