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Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Additions

I have alluded to something in a couple of posts recently. During our trip to Montana we made an effort to take the horse trailer and Buena with us. I didn’t get much ride time in, but I did get horse time. Some folks may have wondered “Why haul that big trailer 2400+ miles around the state? Seems kinda silly to use up all of that fuel with prices being what they are.”

Well, the intention was to possibly bring home a horse or two from the far northeast corner of Montana. We have distant relatives that raise AQHA horses and we had been interested in a couple of them. The intention was to bring one home if we liked what we saw in person. While the horses we looked at were nice, they weren’t exactly what we wanted right now. However, this relative has lots of horses and we did like what we saw out in a couple of the pastures where mares and babies were turned out with studs for next year’s foals.

One of the horses we had originally thought about getting was a 2 year old bay roan filly. We quickly spotted her and watched her very closely over the course of the 2 days we visited. I spent a few hours working with her in a small pen and eventually got her haltered and did groundwork as well. Nice big filly, but there just wasn’t a compelling connection for me/us. If we were in a different place financially and lifestyle-wise then she probably would have come home with us. I got quite a few really nice changes with her. Whomever takes her home will probably have a lot of fun with her.

Another horse we looked at while there was a big black 2 year old filly. I really liked the way she moved and how she was put together, but I never did get a halter on her. Heck, she wouldn’t even really let me touch or pet her. A very sensitive filly, but also very scared. Just hasn’t had much handling at all. Too bad, because we really liked her. Just too much of a project for us being such a big horse and being so scared.

What we did end up deciding to do is get a couple of weanling fillies! They won’t be weaned until August, but that is just fine. We have quite a few projects going on here and a few new ones to accommodate weanlings now. We discussed it in great depth and decided that getting them really good and halter broke when they are smaller will be much easier on us (well me) and then we can have that much more of a foundation when it comes to getting them started under saddle.

They don’t currently have names, but when they do, I will for sure let everyone know. In the meantime, I anxiously await new pictures and updates from northeastern MT!

NOTE: The second filly is pure AQHA, not an appaloosa. I have had my fill of appies over the years, since I was a kid in fact, and I am not likely to own one any time soon. Sorry to disappoint (ducking).

And I am sure quite a few folks may be shocked to see me stray from my Arabian preference, but I am the first to admit that it takes a very special Arabian to be dog gentle with green riders and little kids. When I find that horse, I will get it, but in the meantime, we’re going to give some quarter horses a try. Oh, and Arabs don’t come in bay or blue roan colors!

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Amanda said...

Beautiful foals Liz, no law says you have to stay with the same breed for life. I was looking for a TWH and ended up with a MFT but am very happy with my girl.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Lovely horses, they look like they have all the makings of great horses-especially in your skilled care.
I love the one with the frosted rear, of course I am partial to all things appy.
Have fun with these babies

Train Wreck said...

Hello, I found you on Brown Eyed Cowgirls comment page.

I love that Red Roan Appy! Beautiful! You know they change colors as they get older don't you? (Roans) We had a Roan we got as a yearling, he was all white with a red head. As he got older he turned more "purple" Blue red, similar to one of the horses you have pictured. By 3 he had a black mane annd tail and was a dark red roan! It's like a suprise! Good luck I will be checking in for updated posts and photos!

Knitnut,Karen said...

Those are beautiful horses. I especially like the first fillie! Course, I'm quarter horse through and through. Got 2 3yr olds right now, just getting started under saddle. Couldn't touch them when they arrived, straight from the pasture,never handled.