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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Little English Pony

Picked up a used Wintec 2000 not too long ago. Yesterday I bought a 44" girth. Well, it’s way too big, so I’ll return it for something much smaller. The saddle looks like it is a good fit, too! I had to snap some pictures to see if she looks good in different attire. Of course she does! :)

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

Buena looks lovely in an English saddle, but then she is just a beautiful horse.

Flying Lily said...

Very cute horse - I think the saddle is a little too far forward in the pics but maybe you were just placing it for photo opp. It should nest behind the withers and rest on the slope of her back. Excuse me for offering unwanted advice - i am in advise mode for some reason. :)

la mexicana said...

Too bad to hear about the girth. All the Wintec saddles of that style require a dressage girth. I got one for my 16 hand TB, and It think his girth is a 30 or a 32.

She looks cute!

Let us know if your saddle is comfortable...

Latigo Liz said...

lily, yes, the position of the saddle was just for the photo. Once I get the correct girth size then I will take real pictures with the saddle fitted properly. :)

The girth I picked up the other day was a 44 and it was at least 10 inches too long, if not more than that. If I can’t exchange for a smaller one at the shop I got it at I will go to Reber Ranch where I think they might have a larger selection and range of sizes. I need to recycle some baling twine and old tarps and feedsacks anyway, so it won’t be a wasted trip.

Silly Arabs are so petite!