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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mmm, Rrred Rrraspberry

I just finished licking the pot of the batch of red raspberry jelly. Tasty! Better than the raspberry jam in Fisher Fair Scones—little to no seeds!

I think more red raspberry will be on the agenda soon. Heading over to my parents and they have quite a few bushes that need picking. Plus we have a few berries here to pick here, now that we can get to the bushes. The hubby took the tractor and removed a fairly decent sized area of the nasty invasive blackberry bushes.

Also on the jam/jelly making agenda is blueberry. Our bushes are starting to pump out some big fat berries and the birds have been thwarted by netting and reflective tape. I think the blueberry batch will happen this weekend.

So far I haven’t run out of jars to fill. Still have a few unopened boxes in storage and then there are the old jars that need to be washed and reused. Only need new lids for those as I am pretty sure I have plenty of rings. May have to see what Mom has when I am over there tomorrow afternoon, too. She’s who I got a majority of these jars from in the first place; long ago crafting projects that have since been left behind.

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ORSunshine said...

Oooh! I have a question! Is there a substitute for pectin? My kids have been at the neighbors picking blackberries and they want to make freezer jam, only I don't have any pectin and it's a couple days until payday. Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Latigo Liz said...

Some berries have lots of natural pectin. And sometimes apple or grape juice does. Do some googling around the internet, or GardenWeb and you might find something good.