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Monday, July 28, 2008

Looks Like It’s Going to Work

I found a Wintec girth today at a local consignment shop! I am not quite to the last holes on the leathers so I think this girth will work out just fine.

I didn’t ride, but I did saddle her up and then did some hooking on in the round pen after I attached the stirrups. Considering I haven’t done much of anything with Buena since riding in the Peter Campbell clinic back in March, I think it went really well. The hooking on felt really good. A little crankiness when asking for transitions, but nothing serious. A good thing is that she never offered to buck with this saddle on and also cinching up went really well.

I am going to stick to saddling with this one for a while and see if I can build a good foundation in for when I go back to saddling with my Wade. It’s so heavy and also has a back cinch, so it can be its own beast. I want to get some good stuff going for a few work sessions and see if it helps. I don’t know if I will take my next ride in the Wintec or not. I think I might go for the security of the Wade until I can my seat built back up a bit better.

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