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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jelly Batch #3

A repeat of red currant. This time I only had to process it once! I didn’t strain the juice this go around, so there is the occasional seed and quite a bit of pulp. Not as clear looking, but just as tasty! Strange that the yield wasn’t the full 12 jars, but oh well!

Next up: Red raspberry. Not sure if I am going to get “creative” like I did with the golden raspberry ginger. I have ’til the evening to decide.

Oh, and there are still a few more currants to be picked.

And blueberries. Maybe I’ll try a triple berry jam! I picked up Ball Blue Book of Preserving at Tracy’s Roadside Produce today when my son helped pick out the half flat of red raspberries. Guess I have some reading to do!

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Leah Fry said...

What an amazing photo. Can I come for a visit?

Cheryl said...

When is breakfast? I'll drive up for a visit, too! My grandmother used to can a lot of things. I really miss that! HAVE FUN!

Amanda said...

Liz can you buy blackberries at the stands over there? They are my favorites and they do not grow on this side of the mountains. My tomatoes and okra are finally ripening. My zuchini and squash think they are just supposed to flower and look pretty, nothing from them yet. BRATS!!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Dakota saw pictures of your herb garden and jelly. He has a small garden in the backyard, now he wants to turn the side yard into a garden next year. He has been inspired by your gardening.

Latigo Liz said...

Hahahahaha!. just need a few days notice. There is plenty of room to camp out in the field. The house is a bit of a wreck these days it seems.

Amanda, what kind of blackberries? There are so many over here. The invasive Himalayan blackberries aren’t fruiting yet, but they will be soon. Then the starlings will leave nasty stains behind after they flock in the trees above the house here.

I will post some new herb/garden pictures later today maybe. Just for Dakota.