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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Toy

I killed our digital camera. We replaced it yesterday and will send the original one out for repairs. Here are some shots from today with the new one.

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cingspots said...

very nice pics. I did notice that those plants growing in your horse corral area should be gotten rid of. That is deadly nightshade. Horses who are well fed generally won't eat the stuff, however, a horse is a grazer and if there's nothing else to munch on, may start to nibble. It doesn't take much to cause damage and it can kill them. Symptoms are neurologic signs, stumbling, staggers, dazed look in the eye and colic, or death. Not worth the chance...

Latigo Liz said...

Thanks for the suggestion cingspots, but it is not deadly nightshade. That is one plant in particular that I know about as I spotted it in a county park one day and reported it. Thankfully, we have not encountered it here. Yes, we have lots of weeds, but that is not one of them. :) A few other great sources for plants toxic to horses are:

Western Washington Poisonous Plants Acrobat PDF

List of plants poisonous to equines on Wikipedia

Anonymous said...

Those are great photos! I think that you found the right camera. Of course, the country you are shooting is amazing, anyway.

Mimi Lenox said...

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