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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Got Goats?

Yes, we do!

It was a minor scramble today to get everything done, but we did get their pen ready while they waited patiently in the back of the old Ford.

We stuck to our budget and probably could have gone a bit under, but in the end, we probably saved these two girls from a potential demise. There were TONS of goats at the auction today. Easily ten times as many as there were last weekend. We didn’t get there early enough to go back to the pens to look at the goats ahead of time, but I think we still did an okay job. These girls aren’t lame and don’t appear to be sick.

The little horned one is quite scared of people, but with a little work I think we’ll be able to get her to come around.

The black and white one is a bit more socialized to humans and will let me approach without completely cornering her.

I rather like hearing their bleating on occasion. I think this is going to be a good experience for the whole family, and hopefully these girls will stick around for many years. Now we just need to come up with some names and also have the vet check them out and maybe give us some idea on approximate ages.

Buena and Toad weren’t quite sure what to make of the new additions.

And it sure will be interesting getting Buster and the goats acquainted since they weren’t too sure of each other when we were loading the goats up to bring them home. Buster was a bit excited, as most yellow labs can be!

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Cactus Jack Splash said...

Cute little critters. Have fun with them. My alternative school students raised an orphan goat several years ago. Her name was Effy, she came to and from school with me each day. We would get funny looks driving down the road. She went on to live a long life with a herd located in Selah.

One Red Horse said...

Liz, they are SO CUTE! What adorable little goatie faces. Goats are amazing. When I lived in Oregon a few decades ago, lol, I had goats. One thought he was a dog and ran with my dogs and me when I'd go riding through the mountains. You are going to have tons of fun with your new goatie girls.

Trillium said...

The goats are cute Liz. Just remember, NO rhododenderons or azealas. Both will kill them. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Latigo Liz said...

Thanks Laurie! Found this page with a great list of plants toxic to goats.

dp said...

Congrats on acquiring your own caprine crew. I recently read on another blog (maybe from your blogroll...I can never remember how I get anywhere) that the happiest people own horses, dogs, cats and at least one deranged goat. Welcome to the club!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Yea! You finally got some goats! You do know that they are good for having around prevents diseases. Cowboys Aunt ran horses at the tracks up and down the coast for years. Always had a goat traveling with her horses...still does today in their pasture (stalls in the winter).

mugwump said...

I love goats. I can't have one. I'll have to share yours. Sigh.

Twinville said...

I just stumbled over here via Rancher Ron's Blog.

Howdy! And Congrats on your new goaties!

How exciting. I'm impressed that you bought them at the auction and saved their lives. Good for you :)

I'll be back again. Your blog is fun!

Laughing Orca Ranch
New Mexico