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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Everything Has a Purpose

And our little goatie girls will soon be consuming the various unwanted species around our place. Most notably the Himalayan blackberries and thistles.

FindArticles - Goats Advocated as Environmentally Sound Brush Control
Cattleman, The, Oct 2006

Plants Known To Be Poisonous To Goats

Edible and Poisonous Plants for Goats
Fias Co Farm

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The Blonde Duck said...

Your goats are so cute!

dp said...

I will never get tired of watching goats eat -- they make the cutest faces. Our grunt like little pigs when they get their handful of grain in the evenings.

Good luck with the blackberries!

Pony Girl said...

They are adorable! Don't you just love it when they eat all day then lay down and chew their cud?
My sister's goats like those himalayan berry bushes too....although I got some pretty good blackberries from them for my cobbler, so I hope they let them stick around a little longer, LOL!

Twinville said...

It's funny how goats prefer bushy plants, isn't it? We can put our goats and grass and they act like we are trying to starve them. "Where is the food?!" they holler.

Your goaties look so happy :)

Laughing Orca Ranch
New Mexico

Latigo Liz said...

The girls are doing much better. Fat little bellies and content cud-chewing. Still goopy eyes and coughs, but Dr. Bob comes tomorrow so I suspect antibiotics will be in order.