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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mmm, Pickles!

I was inspired by The Matron of Husbandry. Picked up a handful of cukes at Tracy’s yesterday and added to them the one my dad brought over on Wednesday. After conferring with my mom and with the help of the Little Cowboy and Paddock Boy I made a very small batch of pickles tonight. No pictures as I dropped the camera one too many times and it officially quit working this week. There are only certain kinds of pictures that work well with a cell phone camera, and late night pictures aren’t one of those.

On other fronts, the family all went to the auction today. We could have brought home some goats (the reason we went in the first place). Thankfully we didn’t. Lots of goats were sold for meat. Too many went through lame. Next weekend may be another story though. Project for this week: Goat safe pen(s).

I almost wanted to bring home some calves, too. So forlorn and sold sooo cheap. The market is bad for everything right now, not just horses. Definitely have to have a strong constitution to be able to sit there and watch the proceedings. If we had the pens already set up and the milk replacer on hand...well, let’s just say that a few calves would have sold for dirt cheap and would have ended up in our trailer.

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fssunnysd said...

Oh! We had one lonely little cuke this year. Don't know what happened to the vines - they just didn't produce. I was hoping for enough to can, but no such luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cous! Feel free to send some of those home made pickles my way!

Liberal Cowgirl said...

Yummy, homemade pickles.

I haven't been treated to those in too many years. And after my struggles in this year's garden, it may be a few more...she whines. ;-)

FarmGirl said...

Yes, the livestock market is so sad. A friend of mine has a few horses she was wanting to sell, and the people that were interested should have just tried to ROB her!! So, we've convinced her to keep them for now, and we will be rooming 1-2 for her this winter! Yeah for me!!
Came by to say hello...saw you were new to SITS!! Welcome!! BTW, love your photos!!

The W.O.W. factor said...

I didn't make pickles this one around close enough to help us eat just had cukes EVERY nite for supper!
The market is very sad! For everything. Hope the tides change soon...