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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No Country For Horses

A must-watch investigation of horse slaughter at the Natural Valley Farms plant in Saskatchewan, Canada:

No Country For Horses

Warning: There is disturbing footage in this story.

Text version of No Country For Horses

The video does not auto-run, so it is possible to view the information without watching the story. The video will be available for viewing for one year.

There are many more links and informative sources on the news page.

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E. Thompson said...

I have worked for more than three years to stop the slaughter of American horses. This documentary demonstrates that slaughter is NOT humane. Horses are our companions, they serve us, entertain us, run for their lives for us, and trust us. They deserve so much better.

I hope this documentary will be widely viewed and will raise the ranks of warriors in Canada joining this battle.

Elizabeth Thompson (Edgewood, WA)

Sundancer said...

Thank you for posting this video on your blog. I FORCED myself to watch it, and, believe me, it wasn't easy. We must continue to fight this incredibly horrible end to our horses. Humane? Hardly. The horror and terror that those horses go through in their last moments...I cannot even imagine it!

We MUST get the bills passed here in the US so that our horses don't end up in that HELLHOLE. "Natural Valley Farms"? What a crock. A prime example of THE BIG LIE. Look at all the loopholes and total arrogance of the laws!