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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My “Blog Space”

Pony Girl had a great post about people’s “blog spaces” and I figured I would join in on the fun.

This is my work area, where I do my reading, posting and graphic/web work, and connect with my friends and relatives!

Hazel (short hair) and Chester (long hair) like to oversee my work, as you can tell.

The desk is an antique that actually belongs to my husband. His dad had is refurbished before he passed away last year. So I guess it can be considered a family heirloom now. It’s a postal sorting desk that has all kinds of nooks and crannies. I have yet to fill it up, which is a good thing seeing as I am the “clutter queen,” much to the hubby’s dismay. And is does have a roll-top, but the rather large Apple Cinema Display is about two inches too tall for me to close it. Not like I am away from the computer long enough to warrant closing the desk anyway.

I used to have my computer upstairs in my “office” but I have since moved downstairs into the foyer area of our house. It has a much more social feeling, and my office is currently a cluttered mess that needs a rather large bulldozer! Doh! At least down here I can attempt to get some other housework done and not feel like I am climbing stairs all day. However, that isn’t something I should avoid since I could certainly use the exercise!

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Jen said...

Wow what an awesome looking desk. I would love to have a desk with some character. Plus the nice large monitor would be great too.

Pony Girl said...

Great space! I love how the cats had to be part of the photo shoot. That desk has a lot of character. I am also jealous of your monitor. I have never used a MAC (I know, gulp! ;)
Thanks for sharing!!

Train Wreck said...

Forget the GREAT Blog space! Look at your page!! I love it! AWESOME!! I fumble through with the pre made template! I wish I could change it, so it was more personal. Yours is super!! I got to go check it out!!

Latigo Liz said...

Thanks all. I am pretty lucky. Right now it is a motivating and inspiring place to work. May not be so in a few weeks or months. So far I have done OK keeping it tidy and clean. Of course the “other” space upstairs still awaits a thorough cleaning! And no, I won’t be taking any pictures of THAT, at least not until it’s done!

Latigo Liz said...

As far as changing templates...I googled around until I found a 3 column one that I liked and could tweak even further. Took about 3 weeks to get it to work right, but I think I have it pretty set now. Here’s a good place to get a 3 column blogger template similar to the one I have:
Three Column Scribe Template for Blogger
I customized with my own background images and colors. Haven’t played with fonts much...yet! But the graphic designer in me will get there eventually. You can try to take the schooling out of the gal, but it never usually lasts for long.