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Friday, June 27, 2008

Greetings from Dillon, MT

My first official post from on the road! This is way cool!

Our original plan had been to leave by 9 a.m. Enumclaw time. That did not happen. I think it was probably noonish by the time we finally hit the road out of town after stopping to top off diesel ($4.82 with a discount).

We made our customary stop at the Post Falls Flying J to fill the tank again; $4.55 I think, I’ll update the post after I check the gas log.

One more stop at the Subway in St. Regis for an easy dinner and then we made Sloway in time to set up camp well before dark.

Yesterday we drove from home to the St. Regis area of Montana. We camped at a little campground called Sloway. I camped here last year on my return from a 7-day clinic at Buck Brannaman’s in September. Last fall there wasn’t the fancy horse corral there was this time! This is a little Lolo National Forest Campground right off I-90. You do hear the trains and the highway traffic, but I could have slept through that!

What Ben and I weren’t able to sleep through was the arguing campers next to us. This campground was practically empty, and we were the only ones in the horse camp. However, we had to get stuck next to the testosterone charged arguing males! I think I finally got good sleep around 3 a.m.

Buena traveled well once on the road. I did indulge her with a bit of hay on the first few stops. It’s been since the September trip that she’s been in the trailer for a long haul (more that 3 hours). She didn’t drink much at Sloway, but I gave her a hay pellet mash with her hay and didn’t expect her to drink much because of that.

We made a few stops between Sloway and Dillon. First, Quality Supply in Missoula. I could do some serious damage to the credit rating in that store! Tack, feed, hardware. That store has it all. And to top it off, they have remodeled and expanded since I was there in September. I swear that it’s bigger than the Big R/Murdoch’s stores in Yakima and Spokane. For sure bigger and better than anything on “the coast” as eastern WA folks like to call the Puget Sound area; we are no where near the real coast!

After Quality Supply we got back on the road. Next stop, Deer Lodge for diesel and lunch. Town Pump was $#.##. We hit A&W for lunch. Back on the road again.

We arrived in Dillon about 4ish and stopped in at the Police Department to pay for boarding Buena at the Beaverhead County Fairgrounds. Once she was settled, we hit the Patagonia outlet to get Ben checked in for the RATPOD ride.

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Anonymous said...

we're here in whitehall! Complete with a horse accommodations... Are you still yonder in Dillon?

happy trails
gp in montana

Amanda said...

Oh Liz you are in my old stomping grounds. I know all the places you mentioned. We are headed over in September for a family wedding. Montana is so nice this time of year and I guess it will always be "home" to us. sigh

Latigo Liz said...

We passed through Whitehall on June 29 while making our way from Dillon to Livingston. Too bad I didn’t know as we could have met for lunch.

The weather was way too warm for spring. ;) It felt like we were in Arizona most of the time! But Marias Pass was awesome and we camped with Buena at the Glacier Meadows RV Park for one night. I look forward to going there again maybe in a few months. They have a horse corral there, even though we didn’t need to use it with Buena. The mosquitoes were AWFUL everywhere except there and at Sloway.

Pony Girl said...

I'm jealous. Always wanted to visit Montana! Sounds like Buena is traveling well, too. Love that they had a little corral for horses, how handy!
Even cooler that you posted from the road! Wow, technology! :)