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Monday, May 5, 2008

Working Things Out

It was another crazy busy/packed weekend. Saturday was a bit gray and ended up WET by early afternoon. In the first part of the day we worked on renovating a paddock that had spent all winter getting hammered. The ground was still a bit slick, but the resulting tractor work looked better than before and also looked better than when we first bought the place 5 years ago.

Ariel has been very slowly trying to blow an abscess and I think she is finally on the road to recovery. Buena is gradually working back towards grazing on pasture full time. She had her 30 minutes or so while I prepped the stalls. Horse time was limited to cleaning stalls/pens and getting the girls tucked in to their stalls for the evening. They were thankful, it seemed, to get out of the ensuing steady drizzle.

Sunday turned out to be fairly gorgeous. We unfortunately had dinner plans yet again so a majority of this day was also spent doing housework and preparing a quite yummy pork rib dinner.

And Monday was spent helping save a horse and doing more tractor work; only this time I got to do the driving! We used the rock rake today and then spread new seed when that was finished. Now I would like a little precipitation (NOT a lot!) to help the seed germinate!

Pictures to come!

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fssunnysd said...

Good luck with your mare's abscess! We had two to deal with winter/spring a year or so ago, and it was absolutely no fun. My boy found a nail, and we never did figure out what one of the weanlings got into. I have the kids trained/bribed: $.10 for every item they can find on the ground that could damage horse hooves/legs or tires. The farm & pastures here have been used for a long time, and not every owner has been as careful to pick up all the debris when they fence or fix a roof (just stupidity, IMO!). Every spring it seems like there's a new crop of objects to be collected.

Amanda said...

Love your blog Liz and great job helping on the save. Hope you have a very productive and enjoyable riding season this year!