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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Determining the Future

Every horse owner comes to a point with their horse(s) and needing to decide when “it’s time.” Whether it’s time to sell, give away, donate to a research program, or ultimately euthanize. Then there is a portion of the horse-owning public that also thinks that selling into the slaughter pipeline via an auction or a dealer is acceptable. I have spent quite a bit of time the past few years becoming educated and educating others on similar subjects. I have made some great friends in the process, and also distanced myself from others because of their beliefs on this, and other, topics.

May 1, I had the privilege of meeting a young woman who is doing a wonderful university-level senior project. She came to take pictures of my girls and hear their stories to add to a compilation. If you know of me on the internet already, you may have seen lots of pictures and some of our stories already. This gal’s project will be a fundraiser for Save A Forgotten Equine (SAFE) and I am proud that my horses are slated to be featured in it. We compared notes on our horses and she took what I hope are some fabulous pictures (I am sure they will be) of Buena and Ariel. The timing of her doing this and being able to capture some images of Ariel and me is poetic. I have been struggling for the past couple of few years now about what to “do” with Ariel. I owe this horse so much for all she has taught me. Without her, I would not be the person I am today in every aspect of my life.

Anyway, this was a very good way to start my new journey for the year. There are lots of changes in motion here in Enumclaw at our small farm. I look forward to seeing what my horses have to tell me this year because I know that it will be what I need to hear, whether I like it or not.

I will elaborate more in the coming weeks and months about what is in store over the next year and beyond.

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