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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

KING5 News Video Clip

As promised:
Soldier’s donated horse heads for slaughter

Pictures of Colin (aka Petersburg Knight) when he was still in the auction pen:

The horse next to PK in the lower righthand picture is getting up from a nice roll in the hogfuel.

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la mexicana said...

Oops, I posted in the wrong place.

What happened to the other bay in the pen? Was is rescued or did the kb get it?

Latigo Liz said...

I don’t know. I assume Ron owned all those horses and that it was his kill pen. Most likely he took them to Florence Packing himself, or sold them to someone else (like Oly Olson) who then ships to Mexico or Canada. :(

I was there the morning AFTER the sale. Pretty much no one around. Just a few horses in individual pens in back. Colin was in one of the large outdoor side pens. It's the same pen that some recent seizure horses were housed in not too long ago. The one outside one where Colin is laying down...the other horse was in the process of getting up from rolling. It was a bit of a cranky horse, toward Colin even and he just walked away and went to lay down in the sun. Yeah, Colin was a bully with other horses...NOT!

Sorry for the not so great quality. Those were taken with my camera phone.