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Monday, May 19, 2008

Hot. Hot! HOT!

It was a sunny and overly warm weekend here in “The Claw” as it is affectionately known to the locals. I took advantage of the opportunity to get some tractor work done on the paddock/arena and to also catch some nice photos of my girls, especially poignant due to my decisions regarding Ariel.

Saturday was WAY hotter than it should be, and so not right for before Memorial Day in May. Hitting 90° is just wrong. And while some folks thrive on the heat, I do not. I donned my long sleeve shirt and my Sunbody straw hat and hopped on the tractor. It has been dry enough that the paddock/arena is not a greasy mess and I could do some significant box scraping/grading. There was just enough moisture left in the soil for it not to be too dusty, too. Here is the product of my afternoon spent riding the John Deere:

Sunday was MUCH cooler, but still warm. Before the clouds rolled in I was able to get some nice pictures of my girls enjoying the lush and long grass around the round pen. I staked out some hot wire with the pigtail step-in posts and let them graze for an hour or so. I have bittersweet feelings about letting Ariel graze without the muzzle on. She’s quite competent with it on as the she has worn the hole in the first one to a rather large diameter. It doesn’t slow her down in the least. However, I am want to make her final weeks the most enjoyable for her. I am risking a laminitic flare-up by letting her eat unrestricted, but at this point it’s a risk I am willing to take. Her final days she will get the things she really misses: apples and carrots. I will admit that I am sneaking her little bits of apple and small carrots already. Spoiling her is high on my priority list for her.

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