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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Knot EVERY Horse Owner Should Know

A bowline is a horse owner’s best friend! And I admit I didn’t learn it until a few years ago. I always used the infamous quick release knot. Once a horse happens to pull back on that knot, it is anything but a “quick release,” usually resulting in broken hardware or having to cut the rope!

I tie with the bowline in all instances. To the trailer, on a tie post, on a high line and in the trailer. And always have a knife handy because you can’t get the bowline undone when there is a large load of a panicking horse pulling back!

I have a great book on knots, but for the life of me, I still can’t figure out to tie many of them, and I have yet to successfully tie my own rope halters!

I found a great site with animated instructions on how to tie useful knots. This is great for the visual learners out there! Karen Chaton posted a link to this site on her blog and I found the information so fantastic I also had to pass it along!

Here are some other great books for knots and making your own tack/gear:

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Shirley said...

I like the bowline, but not for tying my horses up. I do use the quick release knot, but with my youngsters I double wrap the rope around the hitching post so that if they pull back, it doesn't tighten the knot so much.

Anonymous said...

hey, i know the bowline, i use it on boats, never tried with horses...mayve i will...
I will try shirleys idea too