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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clinic Report

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the latest Brannaman clinic and, again, it was another fabulous one. Maybe these really good ones are so good they are hard to put into words (or type up). Doesn’t mean I can’t discuss them, but journaling them has been difficult. If I had been more disciplined then I would have journaled every night before bed in my toasty warm camper.

I went to bed each night with a sense of peace and progress with my horse and my horsemanship. There are still little things that I am working on and the bug me, but nothing all that serious really. Looking back at the 2 pictures Paddock Boy took of me, he obviously captured the absolute worst moments! Man, I hope I don’t look like that ALL the time when I am doing hindquarters/frontquarters! Yeesh! I do know that it was the one thing that I felt like I was still struggling with towards the end of the clinic on the last day. Thankfully Buck pointed out a couple of things and complemented me on my improvement once I executed his directions better.

Taking six months off between clinics like that is not advisable! And I mean not riding hardly at all! That won’t happen like that again! All in all I am very happy with my horse and the 4 days I spent riding. And I was exhausted, but not overtaxed. I came home hopeful and renewed. And watching and listening to Buck in the afternoons was fabulous as usual.

During the clinic a film crew was there shooting footage and interviews for a documentary. It was fascinating watching them work and seeing them have to work around Buck doing his job. Many times they either had people in the way or Buck was facing opposite of the camera. Not sure if he was doing that on purpose, but the cameraman look a bit frustrated at times on the final days.

Buck did lots of talking and answering questions and demonstrating. Watching him ride seems to always be a highlight for me. Shows me yet more that I need to work on besides the exercises he talks us through during our classes.

I captured a great sequence of part of the work he did with a friend’s horse. He was working on getting the horse to back with only life from his legs and NO reins. The owner was having some trouble getting it sorted out and Buck hopped on the horse and in minutes got it set up for the owner to have more success. The horse is very good minded and never once got bothered about anything, and never does. It will be nice to see the changes next time I see them.

I have such a hard time pinpointing the highlights for myself and Buena. She is so easy going and gets along so well with me and with all of the other horses around her. That is so refreshing from the many years I rode Ariel in clinics. I am constantly amazed by Buena and look forward to many more years of her teaching me.

At the end of the clinic Buck paid Buena and me a few nice complements and it’s always very humbling. I respect the man so much not only for what he has done for horses, but for what he has done for many of my friends and myself. We all owe him a great deal and it’s always an honor to ride in his presence.

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C-ingspots said...

Sounds like a wonderful clinic - sure wish I could have been there!!
Looking forward to more highlights.

Anonymous said...

It's time to gather up your gear and join the Pony Cousins on the next trail ride! Make sure that your DOR brings her best beaded outfit.

Flying Lily said...

I am so jealous - to be in a clinic with Buck Brannaman just sounds like magic. The backing sequence was fascinating to watch. Thanks for putting that up.

Pony Girl said...

Great report, Liz! Of course, like I said, I wish I would have known it was you there and we could have met! I can't believe you've been riding under him for so long.
I truly encourage anyone who ever has the opportunity to attend (or ride in!) a Buck Brannaman clinic. My dream is to ride in one. For now, I will have to soak it all up from the sidelines.
Liz you can email separately about this, but I am curious as to how expensive riding in a clinic like this actually costs? I want to start saving my pennies!

Latigo Liz said...

C-ing, you missed a really good clinic. One of my best experiences ever.

SMR, that was great. I’ll have to have y’all “over to my place” soon.

FL, It is magic. I swear! Life-changing most times!

PG, you have mail.

Shirley said...

I haven't gone to a good clinic for years! There don't seem to be any in our area. But I hope to go to a few cutting lessons this winter.

Mountain Woman said...

What a wonderful time you must have had. It sounds fantastic.