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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Cold Is It?


One Wunderground station near us recorded a low temp of 9.5°F last night! That’s just too cold!

The horses, goats and dog now all have heated water buckets in the barn. Already had a stock tank heater outside, but since the run-in shed is no more, the horses get brought in at night and if the wind is blowing. The goats have a new straw bale condo set up. And the barn cats huddle en masse either in the barn or out in the hay shed somewhere. I have seen them venturing out and about in the sun today since there is no wind. Also, I spotted a little mouse in the barn last night when we were installing the heated buckets. Barn kitties must not be doing their jobs very well! Mouse looked cold scurrying around on the rubber mats int he stall.

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gtyyup said...

Everyone looks all cozy and warm!!! Love the goat condo thing! Cute!

It was a nice afternoon. I spent a couple of hours cleaning stalls, filling troughs and fixing some hot wire fence this afternoon. No wind here was pretty nice until the sun went behind our hill at 3:00.

Glad you're making out ok.

Latigo Liz said...

They are comfortable. This afternoon was nice. My son isn’t feeling so hot so he sat inside watching TV and playing with Legos. I got to go outside and clean the stalls and repair the hot wire completely. I also took down the panels that got knocked around when the wind flipped the shed. The girls were turn out and sunning themselves. The sun is just now getting ready to set, so I’ll go back out and bring them in shortly where they will have beet pulp and hay pellet mashes and all the hay they can eat. I think it may have almost got back to 30°F (in the sun) today, but I haven’t checked the Wunderground stats yet. It’s supposed to start snowing again late tonight or sometime tomorrow. And it’s not supposed to get above freezing for at least a week! Can you say “snow days?”

Stay warm everyone!!!

Shirley said...

Sorry to see your shelter got wrecked, but it sure looks like your critters are enjoying their new digs. We are a lot colder up here, and the horses all developed colds, but are on the mend. Good luck with your business venture.