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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Center of the Donut?

A few girlfriends and I have been e-mailing about the weather. We are spread out quite a bit and not everyone has the same amount of snow. I guess one of the local news stations equated it to a donut; lots of snow around the area and a center area with relatively nothing. We’re closer to the nothing than the 18+ inches in many parts of the Puget Sound area.

The goats have been thoroughly enjoying their straw bale condo. So much so that they have started to destroy it! Goats will be goats.

Buster loves the snow. What lab doesn’t?

And the horses like the fluffy stuff, too. Much better than mud or being cooped up in the stalls!

The poor shed looks so forlorn!

And the pumpkins on the back steps just make a person get the chills looking at them!

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dp said...

Love the horse pic on the bottom left. So cute.

Brenda said...

We have lots of snow. Sounds like you guys are going to get some strong winds in the next couple of days.

Pony Girl said...

Someone plugged the hole back in the donut on us today, we got a good storm! :) No I'm done with it! I miss my horse. :(
Fun pics of the goats! They climb on everything, don't they? My sister's goats love the old fallen trees and stumps in their pasture. They play king of the mountain!