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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ready For The Weekend


I am somewhat furiously scurrying around trying to get packed and ready for the upcoming Buck Brannaman clinic this weekend. The trailer is almost completely loaded; just need to have Paddock Boy help me put the dividers back in and make sure I have all of the buckets and feed loaded. I need to trim Buena’s tootsies later tonight or sometime tomorrow. And I need to get my clothes packed into the camper, as well as any food and beverages I might need.

I don’t know how ready we are for this clinic, but we’ll be fine I suspect. This year hasn’t been the best one for riding. Kind of a let down after last year’s awesome time, capped off by that week in Wyoming.

We may struggle quite a bit at times in our class, but oh well. We’re at where we’re at and if I have any problems, the help is right there to guide me if I need it.

I probably won’t have any pictures from this clinic to post, but if anyone is in the area, you might want to swing by the Tacoma Unit Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday and check it out. You probably won’t be disappointed and you can sure learn alot from Buck by just watching. I’ll try and post my ride report(s) after I get back on Monday night.

Ride on!

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Amanda said...

Liz i am so excited to tell you that I found an amazing thing on that link you sent me about the Ellensburg Rodeo. I found photos of Yakama Indian women riding horses with the same beaded tack that they are still using from the 1930's. They said some of the dresses and clothing were over 100 years old and now I truly believe it. I have been very busy working but as soon as I have the time i will blog about it. Thank you so much for providing the link! Looks like your Halloween is going to be a blast!!!