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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Enough Already!

Record high today here in Enumclaw.

103°F outside
89°F inside (and not done rising yet)

Even Chester was panting...inside the house. Hazel went out this morning and is hiding someplace cool, probably under the front porch.

The horses are doing quite well, considering.

The garden has had sprinklers running for 2 days straight as we don’t want to lose any of our crops in this record heat wave.

I noticed the goaties are panting a little, but seem happy enough.

Even the chickens are hiding, and panting, today.

We won’t get any real relief for a few more days.

We have 3 border collies visiting for the next week. Buster is in heaven. Thankfully they like taking breaks in Little Cowboy’s wading pool.

We did lose a small brood of barn swallows in the barn. It was just too hot. The family nesting on the back of the house fared much better as they were a few weeks older and able to fly away from the heat during the day.

Time for another late afternoon shower...

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Knitnut,Karen said...

Wow, that's hot! We're not even close to those temperatures here in Ohio. It's been the second coldest summer in history here and alot of rain. I've been in our pool once. When the water temp goes below 80 degrees, I'm out.Right now it's only 74 degrees, that's to cold for me to swim in.

Mikey said...

Lol, it's been 113 to 116 all week. My misters are running full time. And we've been out riding in it!!
What I feel sorry for are the horses and dogs with no shade. Our neighbors haven't had shade on a paint horse for 3 yrs now. He hangs his head beside the feeder for shade on his face. We offered to help put up shade, but the guy says he's going to build a barn (all shade and barn stuff is right there, on the ground!) and you know it'll take him 3 more yrs to build a barn. Ugh!!!
I feel you though. It's damn hot.

Nicku said...

Hey y'all (ok I couldnt resist it is a cowgirl blog after all). I just did a piece yesterday on caring for you and your horse in the heat, might find it helpful or at least interesting :) check it out and good luck with the weather, we've had a weird summer too here in CA, either SWELTERING or unseasonably chilly.

By Way of Salem said...

Way tooo hot!!! I agree. Hi I tried to find an email to contact you but didn't see one. My horses are in Enumclaw and I'm looking for riding pals! I'm over 40 too! LOL! It'd be cool to meet some fun people to ride with. I'm sure you're swamped with pals but if you'd like another, that'd be great!!! Contact me via my blog or website if so. Thanks hope to talk to you and yeah! It's in the 70's today!! Finally! And P.S. That's a pic of me in the 80's on my blog - trust me - I've aged! LOL!

allhorsestuff said...

I am sick-o-tired of the heat man!
I cancelled horse camping in a week in Bend way, no more heat!
Glad you are making it and the crops and animals too!