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Friday, July 17, 2009

Anyone a Lip Tattoo-Reading Expert?

Sorry for the picture quality. I am going to tray and get a few more and also try a black light when she gets dental work done in a week or so.

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Knitnut,Karen said...

I can't make it out ,but to me, the last circle looking tattoo looks like it has a heart in it.

Mikey said...

My favorite game! My guess is... 1388?

I have yet to read Quinn's correctly and I did the black light and everything. Very frustrating!!

And question - your horse? New horse?

Andrea said...

I was going to guess 13887. But that first number kinda looks like a 7 or a 4?? My vet is really good at reading them. He got my TB mare's with no trouble at all and to me it looks just like yours!! LOL

brianna said...

andrea was correct the tattoo reads 13887. although do to the placement of your finger the first number could be a 4 although the chances are very unlikely.