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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Western Washington Area Flooding

If anyone needs respite from the flooding in the south King or north Pierce county area we are higher and drier than the flood plain areas for the most part. We can offer a sloppy round pen or we can put up temporary corral panel pens. Contact me if you need help.

This morning:

Five days ago:

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Amanda said...

Liz that is how it was here too! I woke up this morning, looked out the window and was totally shocked!!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Here too Liz! Only we had the white stuff on Mon. morn still....Lakes today tho! I think our state will be renamed "Land of Surprises" or "Wild Washington".

Pony Girl said...

Pretty crazy, isn't it? I hope that people aren't having too many issues out there. It is so nice of you to offer a place for those who might need refuge!!
Spring, where are you??

Flying Lily said...

Wow what a contrast between those 2 photos!!

Rachel said...

Same here!
Found you on FUGLY. Thank you for offering people a safe place for their horses.

We live right by Chehalis, so it's scary here for people who are on the floodplain. The river is coming up in our back pasture, but it looks like it's already crested this morning.

ps: I told Pat Wagner you recommeded her. I met her a few months ago and she's been working on my horse. She's awesome!

C-ingspots said...

Your pasture looks just like ours. What fun huh? So far this winter has been a wild and wooly one for sure - and it's really just getting started!! Hopefully Mother Nature will take a chill pill or a nice long nap or something. Very thoughtful of you to offer help/boarding for those in need.

Latigo Liz said...

Glad you don’t have wind yet Amanda, or maybe you do now. It’s starting to get breezy here and I can only think that we’re in for another hit of wind...meaning LOTS of downed trees because of over-saturated soil!

WOW, Wacky Washington Weather is one of my favorite mantras.

PG, So far I haven’t had anyone contact me needing help. Hopefully that’s a good thing!

Rachel, glad you looked up Pat. Once this weather starts cooperating I will be hauling my horse down to her for trimming and trimming lessons.

C-ing. I don't mind the pasture flooding here too much at this time of year. Horses aren’t out on it anyway as we pull them off once it gets sloppy come October/November. They only get to go back out on a majority of it until AFTER we hay in June/July. Horses don’t like it much, either, but they really don’t have a choice!

Heading back outside now. Paddock Boy rented a power lift today to clean gutters and cut/prune trees that were threatening power lines and the house.

Ed said...

What a great comparison picture!!! WTG!