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Monday, January 5, 2009

Deconstructing the Shed

Most of Saturday and Sunday afternoons were spent by myself, Little Cowboy and Paddock Boy dismantling the run-in shed.

Buena supervises:

Sunday, Little Cowboy and I removed nails from the boards that were salvageable and started a bonfire with the boards that weren’t useful or were too far gone/broken/rotten.

It began snowing again while we finished up. The snow was all gone by morning, though. Only the drifts and snowman and snow fort remain, and they are quickly shrinking.

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Leah Fry said...

Are you going to rebuild the run-in?

Sure wish we could burn. We've been under a burn ban since last summer!

Anonymous said...

Buena is looking like she isnt so sure that you should be taking down any shelter at this point. What a job, but your work crew sure makes it look easy.

Latigo Liz said...

We may rebuild with some sort of run-in at some point, yes. Right now, we still need to clean up and also save $$. The employment outlook for Paddock Boy isn’t looking good, and my freelance work isn’t exactly increasing to cover the loss of his income. *sigh*

Thankfully, we do have stalls, but I hate locking horses in. Today was one of those days, and from what I am hearing, the next 3 days will be more of the same! I much preferred the snowy days to the sideways rain!

gtyyup said...

Oh boy, what a chore!! Perseverance like what you got is the only way to get it done...way to go girl. How sweet that the whole family pitched in to help...many hands makes the task go much easier.

Hot cocoa for everyone...'round the bon fire!!!

lytha said...

Oh, a yardfire! How interesting. Just yesterday we asked if it's possible to burn our blackberry pile. This is assuming the chipper idea fails (are they too stringy to grind up?).

In Germany there is a shortage of air. That is why it's illegal to warm up your car. And to make a fire on your land, you need to go to the city and get permission. Then you need to call the fire department so they don't send out the fleet. *sigh* Oh, imagine if people in America had to do this...

Not even sure blackberries will burn, actually. HRMM.

Oh, I wish I could have some of your old wood to build birdhouses with!

~lytha, snowed in

Latigo Liz said...

Didn't do hot cocoa until we came inside, but the boys did go out there and make s'mores! I was too cold to join in on that!

Burn permits are the norm here, too, not just in Germany. I think lots of people just get away with burning when they are off the beaten path a bit more... ;)

CurtsBooks said...

The horse Buena is a real cutey!
Always some project going on, isn't there?