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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alberton, MT to Livingston, MT

Awoke at 5:30 and looked out the window at 5:45 to see Buena making love noses at Mercy’s window. Got up about an hour later and went out to check on Mercy and give her a bucket of water. Proceeded to practically dump the bucket on myself while losing my balance on the wheel well. Buena almost got her nose popped by the window dropping down, but barely hit the end of the lead rope. Mercy looked wide-eyed, but stayed calm.

Uncle C helped me get things reloaded and organized and also held the door while I secured Buena’s lead in place. I pulled out of the driveway around 8am. Stomach churning after having had a couple of waves of nausea.

I rolled into the Missoula Les Schwab to have that brake check done. Took about an hour, but they replaced the left front caliper while I ran across the street to Quality Supply. Once back on the road I topped of the diesel and was heading east on I-90 again by 10.

I stopped at a rest area between Missoula and Deer Lodge. Stopped again in Deer Lodge at Safeway to grab an icy soda. On the way out of Deer Lodge I chatted with Ben and then a bit later Cathi. No more stops until Bozeman where I decided I needed some more salty fries and another soda. Traffic in downtown Bozeman sucked because of construction (I guess it’s been like that all summer). Drove up Fleshman Creek Road to the 2B Ranch at about 3pm local time. It was HOT.

Aunt M was still at work and Uncle T showed up about 20 minutes after I did. He was in town getting parts. I have already put the horses in the pens, but hadn’t located a turn-on for the automatic waterers. Uncle T pulled out hoses and we ran it from the house and I filled the large buckets I brought. The horses both drank well. I was spent. I took a shower and laid down for about 2 hours. Fed the horses and separated them into 2 pens since Buena had still been herding around Mercy a bit. They did scratch on each other a little, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

I hit they hay around 10 and slept until 8 the next morning.

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