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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ray Hunt Clinic Report Day 2

Sunday morning started out a bit rough. Little Cowboy woke up around 5:30 again. But the real issue ended up being Buena getting cornered in the pen by a pen-mate at about 6. She got trapped and by the time I looked out the camper window I saw Buena high-centered on the top rail of the fence. She managed to wriggle herself free and bumble over the fence escaping the squeals and kicks of the now-in-heat pen-mate. I scrambled out of bed and got dressed. Buena wasn’t too keen on being caught, but I was able to get the job done very slowly within a few minutes. She had a few bumps and scrapes, but the big issue was she wouldn’t let me touch her anywhere near her back or hindquarters. She was pretty upset and scared and sore.

I took her back to the trailer and gave her hay and water. She was content to be in a familiar place. I left her tied there all morning and the ranch owner was kind enough to loan me one of his Paint geldings to ride. Streaker and I got to know each other a bit in the round pen and Ray watched over us for the first few minutes. Things were going to be fine with us. Streaker had around 90 days with Mike Hosker and the ranch owner hadn’t really ridden him much since, and it had been about 2 years ago. He’s a nice horse and will make a great mount for someone someday. I really appreciate the ranch owner and his wife letting me ride him and telling me how much they liked the way I rode him. I tried to do my best, as riding other folks’ horses can be a bit intimidating at times.

In the afternoon I wanted to work with the rope on Buena some more, especially since I couldn’t get near her rump or back or legs much again. It didn’t take too long with Ray coaching me to get right back onto working with her tail and getting my lass rope around it. She was better, for sure. She had a few bumps and lumps from the morning, but seemed to be okay after just that little bit of work. I roped her flank and got her to lead up with that. It was REAL crooked for a while, but eventually got straight. It’s a big deal that I need to really start working on with her.

I ended the session with roping her hind legs, and eventually down to a single hind foot, her right one. Ray really helped me learn how to start figuring out how to get her to lead straight with that one hind foot. Yes, she kicked like the dickens for a lot of it, but we got the job done and quit on another very good note.

One of the things I really noticed in these 2 round pen sessions was how much I have been letting Buena kinda be squirrelly and she would get to flailing around a bit. I think I was giving her too much room because I was afraid to be too confining. I still think I may be too confining in some areas, but in others it’s necessary to be firm and direct and it will eventually come across to the horse that you are the leader and know what you are asking. You give them room to make mistakes, but not too much room. :-)

Feel, timing, and balance.

I took the rest of the afternoon off so-to-speak while everyone else rode again. I was able to take some pictures of other folks riding. They aren’t the greatest photos, but they do show some other folks beside me. :-)

Lastly, I had a chance to get Ray to sign my copy of Eclectic Horseman Magazine where Ray is on the cover.

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jmk said...

I really enjoyed your posts about working with Mr. Hunt. I've ridden in a couple of Mark Rashid clinics. The experiences of the one on one time with trainers of their caliber is so inspiring and humbling.